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Long Sha

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Long Sha

Research Assistant

B.A. Neuroscience, Dartmouth College


Address:6207 Moore Hall, Rm428 Hanover, NH 03755


Research Interest

My work in the lab includes collecting human behavioral data, scanning subjects using fMRI, and applying multivariate pattern analysis on neuroimaging data. I am interested in how the brain digests perceptual information, and how we could study this problem by using various data-mining and modeling approaches. My current research project studies the major features of object representation, such as animacy, in human visual cortex.

I am currently applying for PhD programs to further pursue my research interests starting fall, 2013.

Conference Contributions

Sha, L., Haxby, J.V. and Connolly, A.C. (2012). The representation of object categories along the animacy continuum in the human visual system. Annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience 2012, New Orleans, LA. Poster Abstract

Sha, L. and Meng, M. (2010). The effect of familiarity and novelty on visual preference across different object and scene categories. Vision Sciences Society 11th Annual Meeting, Naples, FL. Abstract

Sha, L. and Meng, M. (2010). The Timing of Categorical Face Perception. Vision Sciences Society 10th Annual Meeting, Naples, FL. Abstract

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